Friday, 20 March 2015


So, I turned 20 yesterday. How weird, I was being really anxious about it for a really long time, but I don't feel any different at all. Oh well, what did I even expect. I never actually celebrate my birthday properly, since it just makes me even more uncomfortable. Still, I had a super great day with some of my friends, all you can eat buffet and making balloon animals. Adult like. 

The weather has been super nice in Bournemouth recently, which you cannot tell by my outfit at all. I've been wearing lots of black recently, and I feel like I need to invite some colour in my life. You know, spring is coming.

Turtleneck H&M / Trousers Primark / Coat Bik Bok / Boots Zara / Bag Kate Spade / Hoop earrings Asos


  1. Happy Birthday lady! I'm turning 26 next month, slowly getting closer to the dreaded number 30...So, be happy you're 20! It's the best! :D

  2. Such a chic look ! Love the trousers a lot !


  3. Synes det ikke er lenge siden vi dro på byen, fordi vi var 18 jeg... tiden bare forsvinner! :D Håper du hadde en superduper dag på bursdagen din :)


Thanks! x