Wednesday, 12 November 2014

XXL coat

Hello guys. If you're wondering why I look so sad and like I haven't slept in a hundred years in these pictures... It's because I haven't. Uni has been really crazy the last weeks. Well, it's actually always been a bit crazy. I'm so stressed and tired and yeah... Literally EVERYTHING.

So I'm sorry for not posting, but I dont have much to say these days... Except that the british weather that everyone keeps talking about... Is real. It rains everyday, damn.

Coat Bruuns Bazaar / Shirt Primark / Jeans Zara / Scarf Topshop / Bag Coach / Shoes Topshop

And here is the Coach bag I bought for like 13 pounds at a thrift store, isn't it amazing? I adore it. It gives my look a pop, since I'm mostly wearing basics these days.


  1. I need a similar coat so bad! You look rad as always :)

  2. I love this look so much ! So chic and casual !


  3. Hahah, you look sleep deprived but sexy! :D I love this looky, the bag is an awesome find, so shiny! *_*

  4. Super in love with your blog and so happy I stumbled across it after browsing around. Love this outfit and that brown scarf really adds the nice touch. You should blog more! I'm looking forward to new posts :)


Thanks! x