Monday, 1 September 2014

Last 6 days

Someone help me! I'm in this vicious circle of mom jeans. I've been wearing my loose jeans all the time now, and I love it, and I don't even want to consider wearing anything else. I have a problem. Dear Lord, don't let them go out of style, because I will become the most untrendy human on earth. Never giving up on these jeans.

But hey! Sorry for neglecting my blog, I have been packing. Moving this sunday to Bournemouth. Jeez, I'm so nervous... Like, how do you even pack when moving... To another country? Yeah, so I'm spending my last 6 days with my family and my dad's cooking.

outfit2 01092014 outfit 01092014
Jumper Primark / Jeans Levi's / Hat Gina Tricot / Necklace Bik Bok / Creepers Underground

I actually found my old creepers! So old, but so loved. Used to wear them all the time in my grunge period, which wasn't really that long ago. Maybe my second year in high school? Dark lips, long pastel pink hair and a lot of black. A LOT OF BLACK. Haha.. (Still wear a lot of black)

outfit3 01092014


  1. I have a new found love for mom jeans, I have to buy more!

  2. You have such a cute style ! i followed your blog xxx

  3. och, amazing outfit!
    great shoes <3

  4. I'm totally in love with mom jeans too, don't mind wearing them all time either, haha.
    Lovely outfit!



  5. You look great in your jeans. Do you think they could be out of style some day? Never!! ;)

  6. It's okay, you look good in that kind of jeans <3

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  7. Love the outfit. You're still rocking the jeans (despite what you say)

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  8. So cool!
    love all the items you're wearing!
    I've been recently obsessed with my Fedora hat!

    Vivi x


Thanks! x