Wednesday, 12 November 2014

XXL coat

Hello guys. If you're wondering why I look so sad and like I haven't slept in a hundred years in these pictures... It's because I haven't. Uni has been really crazy the last weeks. Well, it's actually always been a bit crazy. I'm so stressed and tired and yeah... Literally EVERYTHING.

So I'm sorry for not posting, but I dont have much to say these days... Except that the british weather that everyone keeps talking about... Is real. It rains everyday, damn.

Coat Bruuns Bazaar / Shirt Primark / Jeans Zara / Scarf Topshop / Bag Coach / Shoes Topshop

And here is the Coach bag I bought for like 13 pounds at a thrift store, isn't it amazing? I adore it. It gives my look a pop, since I'm mostly wearing basics these days.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Hello! Oh lord, the weather today. It was sunny this morning, and when I was walking back from town, it just started pouring down and I got totally drenched. So thank God, I took these pictures before I went out. British weather, man... So unpredictable.

outfit081014 4
Coat Bik Bok / Top New Look / Trousers Primark / Scarf Cubus / Necklace Gina Tricot / Shoes Office

outfit081014 8

I found these trousers a couple of weeks ago, and guess where. Yes. Primark, again. I'm trying not to shop too much, but I'm also trying not to look like a homeless man with my oversized ripped jeans, which I wear all the time.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Hey guys! I apologize for not blogging, but I've been trying to settle in here in Bournemouth, and university has been quite hectic. We have already gotten our first assessment, and I'm actually super excited!


It's been a bit difficult to take pictures for my blog lately. I've tried, trust me. My room is quite small, so I had to maneuver myself around the room, trying not to step on all my paintings. It didn't go so well, so I ended up taking pictures in the kitchen.

My wardrobe has been quite colourless lately. Black, grey and white. I saw these holographic shoes online, and basically ran to the store to buy them. The holograph on the shoes makes it a bit colourful, without wearing colours... If that makes sense?

Cardigan Primark / Top New Look / Jeans Levi's / Shoes Office / Bag Primark
outfit 011020143

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Durdle Door

Hello! Yesterday, the international students went on a trip to different locations here in the south. And, oh my God. We went to Durdle Door, which is kind of a funny name for such a beautiful place. I mean, this place is absolutely gorgeous! Sunny and I actually really want to camp there, and just stay there all day... Aaah, imagine.

And it was a super warm day as well. It was about 30 degrees, in the middle of september! Crazy!

IMG_4193 durdle door IMG_4178 durdle door2

I'm so happy I moved here. Ever since I've moved here, I've been drawing alot more. Bournemouth is a place with so much inspiration and creativity.

I apologize for the lack of fashion posts though, I only brought winter clothes with me... I mean who knew England would be THIS warm? It's a actually a bit chilly in the mornings, so I had a sweater on.
IMG_4280 IMG_4281 Durdle door3

Monday, 1 September 2014

Last 6 days

Someone help me! I'm in this vicious circle of mom jeans. I've been wearing my loose jeans all the time now, and I love it, and I don't even want to consider wearing anything else. I have a problem. Dear Lord, don't let them go out of style, because I will become the most untrendy human on earth. Never giving up on these jeans.

But hey! Sorry for neglecting my blog, I have been packing. Moving this sunday to Bournemouth. Jeez, I'm so nervous... Like, how do you even pack when moving... To another country? Yeah, so I'm spending my last 6 days with my family and my dad's cooking.

outfit2 01092014 outfit 01092014
Jumper Primark / Jeans Levi's / Hat Gina Tricot / Necklace Bik Bok / Creepers Underground

I actually found my old creepers! So old, but so loved. Used to wear them all the time in my grunge period, which wasn't really that long ago. Maybe my second year in high school? Dark lips, long pastel pink hair and a lot of black. A LOT OF BLACK. Haha.. (Still wear a lot of black)

outfit3 01092014

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hello! I've been pretty antisocial these last couple of days, so I haven't been out. Mostly because all of my friends has moved away to go to school and my sister went to the US as an exchange student. So I'm basically... By myself. Watching anime. That's life of an antisocial little bug alright, haha.. (me)

So my mom was nagging me about going out, so we went shopping for things I need to bring when I move. Can you believe it? I'm moving to the UK in under two weeks. God, I'm nervous.

outfit2 26.08.2014 outfit 26.08.2014
Blazer Bik Bok / Turtleneck Primark / Jeans Levis / Boots River Island

Wearing my new thrifted Levi's jeans. Aaah, love! I'm not really a skinny jeans type of gal, so the  mom jeans or boyfriend jeans trend takes it home for me. I bought these for around 14 pounds. It can't get better than that, really.

And I'm also wearing my chinese jade necklace which my parents gave me. I usually have it under my clothes, but decided to let it show today.

outfit3 26.08.2014

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Hello! This was my outfit from my last day in Oslo. Super casual and comfy... But it was actually super cold, so I put on my coat later during the day.

As you can see, I have this absolutely gorgeous cardigan around my waist. Do you call it a jacket, a cardigan or blouse? I dunno, but it's super pretty anyway. I bought it at Snoopers Paradise in Brighton with a matching top for 8£. What a bargain!

outfit17.08.2014 DSC09524 DSC09487
PicMonkey Collage
Jumper Bik Bok / Trousers Vero Moda / Cardigan Vintage / Coat Bik Bok / Bag Kate Spade / Necklace H&M / Watch Casio / Sunnies Bik Bok

Monday, 18 August 2014

Oslo, photo diary 2

On the second day in Oslo we went to the amazing Opera House, and walked around on the roof. I haven't been there a lot, but I absolutely love the building, it's stunning. It was build by the architecture and landscape firm Snøhetta, which also designed the gorgeous library Alexandria in Egypt.

So if you ever find yourself in Oslo, I would recommend to take a walk on the Opera House, and you can see a beautiful view of Oslo on top of the roof. Beautiful view and architecture, you can't beat that.

DSC09234 DSC09433 DSC09280 DSC09285 DSC09348 DSC09367 DSC09300
Jumper Gina Tricot / Jeans Zara / Bag Kate Spade / Necklace H&M / Sunglasses Bik Bok / Watch Casio

I'm borrowing this fluffy jumper from Michaela. I absolutely love these kind of fluffy jumpers and cardigans this autumn. I need more! So cozy and comfortable.

DSC09425 DSC09321 DSC09380

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Oslo, photo diary 1

Hello! I'm spending this weekend in Oslo at my good friend, Michaela's apartment. I'm visiting some friends here, because it will probably be the last time I'll see them before I move to the UK. So might as well stay for a weekend.

I haven't been in Oslo for a long time. Well.. Only for meetings, so I haven't actually paid attention to how much life there is here! So much going on, and people everywhere. It can almost compare to London! But somehow, it's a bit scarier here. Definitively not a place for a lady to walk alone...

Here are some pictures I took yesterday.
DSC09114 DSC09112 DSC09129 DSC09138 outfit 15.08.2014
Coat Bik Bok / Scarf Cubus / Tee SheInside / Jeans Zara / Necklace H&M / Watch Casio / Bag Kate Spade

(Sorry about the blurry picture...)
We didn't do anything special yesterday. We just went walking around, and ate the best frozen yoghurt with sour juice balls, yes. You heard me right. SOUR JUICE BALLS. So good!

Oh, and I'm wearing my new tee, but you can't really see what it says. It says "Coco made me do it", but I'll show you another time. I love it.

DSC09171 DSC09187 DSC09184 DSC09193 DSC09223

Thursday, 14 August 2014


Hello! Yesterday I spent the whole day with my friend Renate, and today we took the train to my hometown. We went to one of my favourite cafès, which has a super cute backyard. And look at the raspberry tarts! I savoured every bite, it was so delicious!

IMG_9370 IMG_9378

You guys should have heard me yesterday. I wanted to wear my hat really bad today, but I forgot it at home. So I almost convinced myself it was okay to get up at 0700 in the morning and take the bus to buy another hat. Ridicolous, hahaha... No worries... I got my mother to bring it with her to work and met up with her, heheeeee.

But this is a super typical outfit for me . Casual, super comfy and easy to jump around in. And I adore my new oversized blazer coat. My new staple for autumn.

outfit2 14.08.2014 outfit 14.08.2014 Outfit1 14.08.2014
Coat Bik Bok / Crop Top Zara / Scarf H&M / Jeans Cubus / Hat Gina Tricot / Boots River Island / Watch Casio