Monday, 22 December 2014


Hello! Long time no blog! I am currently in Norway to visit my family and friends. My friends came all the way to the airport to surprise me! Haha, they filmed it as well! My scream is ridicolous, a haha! It feels really nice to be home in my own bed, but I can feel myself getting restless already. It's weird not to have anything to do, especially with our hectic schedule at university.

So yeah, Renate and I took a walk around the new shopping mall in town, which wasn't anything special, really. And I forgot my camera in my halls in Bournemouth. GREAT. Seriously... I remembered my remote and charger, BUT NOT MY CAMERA.

blog blog1
Beanie River Island / Scarf Cubus / Coat Bruuns Bazaar / Jeans Primark / Boots Roots

As you can tell, university has changed my style a bit; black. And as you can also see, We ran into the closest store to not freeze to death... God, Norway is cold.

Friday, 5 December 2014


Hello! I apologize for not blogging, but hand-in week was pretty crazy and I did not get any sleep. Literally stayed at uni for about 12 hours a day for over a week.

But I'm alive, and back on my blog. I've chilled for the last couple of days and been celebrating the hand-in with my friends. Today, I've been out with Keira for a coffee, which is always nice. All the christmas drinks out in the shops now makes me so happy - but my favourite will always be a chai latte with soymilk. Mmmmm. Life is good right now.

/Crappy iphone picture, my bad

Coat Primark / Scarf TopShop / Jeans Zara / Bag Coach / Boots Roots

I bought this coat as a little gift to myself. A wool coat from the mens section at Primark. It's so warm and quite structured. I don't know, somehow I find the mens clothing from Primark to be higher quality than the ladies clothing, is it just me? Anyway, the coat went from £40 to £25. Bargain, right?

I also bought a grey duster coat from Zara, which is beaautiful. But I'll show you guys later.

Monday, 17 November 2014


Hello! For some reason, I've been really addicted to buying sunglasses... Which doesnt really make sense, because in England it basically rains everyday... And it's winter. But, there's a hint of sun here and there, which makes everyone talk about it. I swear, brits love to talk about the weather, it's crazy.

But here are my favourites at the moment, two new sunnies from asos. I absolutely adore them, and they were on sale a well, bargain! I'm in love with cateyes lately, it makes a every outfit look a bit sultry.

DSC00037 DSC00033
Black cateyes here          Tortoise shell cateyes here

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

XXL coat

Hello guys. If you're wondering why I look so sad and like I haven't slept in a hundred years in these pictures... It's because I haven't. Uni has been really crazy the last weeks. Well, it's actually always been a bit crazy. I'm so stressed and tired and yeah... Literally EVERYTHING.

So I'm sorry for not posting, but I dont have much to say these days... Except that the british weather that everyone keeps talking about... Is real. It rains everyday, damn.

Coat Bruuns Bazaar / Shirt Primark / Jeans Zara / Scarf Topshop / Bag Coach / Shoes Topshop

And here is the Coach bag I bought for like 13 pounds at a thrift store, isn't it amazing? I adore it. It gives my look a pop, since I'm mostly wearing basics these days.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Hello! I think university has taken it's toll on me. My head is pounding and all I want to do is sleep.
Yesterday we went to London on a little trip with our group. We had to go and get fabric samples and visit all the designer shops to look at the collection. It was very stressful, but very fun. London is always fun.

As you can see, I bought myself another beige scarf as a replacement for the one I lost... Just for now. It's a bit darker than the one I had, but it is actually super soft, I love it.

Coat Bik Bok / Shirt Primark / Jeans Zara / Scarf TopShop / Slip ons TopShop / Bag Zara

We were not suppose to shop, but I couldnt help myself. You guys, I found a authentic Coach bag in a charity shop... For only 13,99 pounds. Seriously, I almost screamed when I found out it was actually authentic. I'll show you guys in another post!


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The dark side

I have a very sad announcement to make. My huge-cosy-lovely beige scarf is officially gone. I went out last weekend, and somehow it suddenly disappeared. Sorcery, man. My mum was kind enough to buy me a new one, but she's in Norway... So I won't get to wear it until christmas. Oh well.


Coat Bruuns Bazaar / Sweater Bik Bok / Trousers River Island / Boots Roots

Wearing all black today, to show how sad I am. No, just kidding. I love black. When I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I don't know what to wear. I wear black.

The weather has been colder lately, and I've been wearing my favourite coat, which was a gift from my mum. It's very oversized and heavy, but it keeps me really warm. It actually comes with a belt as well, but I look like the bunny emoji on facebook... Yeah, the one with the double chins. 

221014 2

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Square pants

Hello! Oh lord, the weather today. It was sunny this morning, and when I was walking back from town, it just started pouring down and I got totally drenched. So thank God, I took these pictures before I went out. British weather, man... So unpredictable.

outfit081014 4
Coat Bik Bok / Top New Look / Trousers Primark / Scarf Cubus / Necklace Gina Tricot / Shoes Office

outfit081014 8

I found these trousers a couple of weeks ago, and guess where. Yes. Primark, again. I'm trying not to shop too much, but I'm also trying not to look like a homeless man with my oversized ripped jeans, which I wear all the time.

So I thought it might me good to have a pair of formal wear. But of course, who wants a basic pair of black trousers, when you can have SQUARE PANTS. Okay, bad joke. (I cried laughing when I wrote this)